Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fear, anxiety, and general insecurity are what make leadership effective

Fearful employees work harder, case in point: slavery, and basically every workforce in history prior to the invention of labor unions. Fearful children are not so much of a pain in the ass. Basically, fear has very broad applications across the spectrum of life. Once people are afraid of you, they become more useful.

A fearful populace has to be the most desired thing for men in political office. When the people you govern are consumed with their terrors you don't have to be smart, they won't care about your intelligence, they won't care how corrupt you are, they won't care if you choose young virgins from among the peasants to fuck in your castle. They just want safety, or the illusion of it. Pissing in their pants they will give you the money, the weapons, the approval for anything you want to do if you can tie it to making them safer. Nobody is careful when they are panicking, they don't look closely they don't think clearly, they don't pay attention, they just want to stop being afraid, they have no other goals.

The more you know about the way governments operate, the art of manipulating the masses, the less susceptible you become to fear and the cattle-prods leaders use to motivate. It takes the desire to learn, however. People don't have much of a desire to do anything when they aren't afraid. You can't really motivate a whole population with anything else, definitely not the desire for knowledge. Greed is a close second but there are too many people whose identity is built on resisting it. No, fear is the key to the crowd.

Fear thrives on ignorance an everybody is ignorant of something, on some subjects most or all people are ignorant. This is what you use, this is your kindling. You make up stories about monsters hiding in the dark, under the bed.

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