Thursday, November 11, 2010

It’s bad and always will be…

The western world consists of theme park nations still living off their colonial inheritances and pretending to not have the sense of entitlement and contended superiority that comes from having oppressed. Life is this big game where grown play make-believe that they are not as shitty as they really are. Once you see this then there are no tragedies. That fucker who got murdered this morning had it coming. Everybody gets what they have coming. You pretend that I am not a dipshit and I will do the same!

Anarchy makes no sense either. You can't rebel against anything except to set up more of the same.

Guess what? Humans are assholes and you need to just accept that. Races of extraterrestrial should stay the fuck away lest we contaminate them like the diseased zombies that we are. The only way you can find something good is by not looking too closely, and the motivation to not look too closely comes from wanting to see good. Everything that you thing is good in your life really comes the need to see it there, not from the quality of the thing itself.

Nothing can change, and so all change is really just theater, so either join the cast and perform your little heart out if you want, but see it for what it is. Take nothing seriously except your performance.

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